First OOTD


My plan was to post this way earlier but I've been so busy this evening! Oh and these pictures are a little rubbish because I had to take them myself :( 

But yeah, my OOTD.
Leather waistcoat, tie dye crop top, maxi skirt and earrings - New Look
Headscarf - Primark 

Ring - from my mum lol

After leaving the house, I realised that pretty much my whole outfit was from New Look lol.Yeah, the skirt is a voile one which means that I had to wear an underskirt to make sure that it wasn't see through. One thing that I became aware of, during the day, was that it was silly of me not to pin my top to the skirt! The skirt kept slipping down a bit which led to my midriff being on display sometimes :( I had to keep pulling my skirt up or my top down. Which has taught me that next time, I'm pinning the top to the skirt!

This outfit could be worn with heels to give it a dressy look but I went with pumps because I wanted to keep it casual. But yeah, this is my trial outfit of the day aha, and hopefully I will be doing more! Feel free to comment or suggest anything, it would be appreciated!

Love, MT

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