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I'm lovin'... STRIPES


Lately, most of the clothes I'm finding myself attracted to are stripy! I don't know why but yeah, I'm looovvvviiinnnn 'em. I like how you can get patterned stripes, aztec'y stripes and the plain ones - the choices are great :D

Ooohhh, something to be wary of when wearing stripes is that it could make you look aberrant. You'd need to pay attention to the type of stripes and also your body proportions to make sure it looks right. Like, for me because I'm full figured I prefer thin stripes as they don't make you look bigger than you are! With vertical stripes however, tend to generally make you look slimmer and taller but I personally don't really like the clothes I've seen in stores with vertical stripes.

Here are a few of the items on my stripy wishlist!

The skirts, dress and peplum top - New Look Tall Range (as you can tell this is one of my favorite places to shop!); Top with black sleeves, H&M; Headscarves - eBay

I think I may do more posts like this, I enjoyed writing this one! :-) As I've said before, feel free to suggest ideas for posts so I can mix things up a bit! 

Love, MT

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