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It's been a while...



Sorry I haven't posted in some time - E X A M S have been a killer! They've taken up, more or less, all my time and I haven't really 'dressed up' so pictures couldn't be taken lol. Urm even my outfit in these pictures is super casual - essentially just a top and jeans aha. Can't wait for my last exam on Monday then I'm done forrrreeeevvvveeerr. LOL slight exaggeration, I'm done until Results Day; aka Doomsday.

Anyway, here's my outfit. I kept it quite casual and wore a chiffon top with some blue jeans and wore the purple headscarf I wore in my last OOTD. 

Jeans - New Look; Chiffon top - Peacocks; Headscarf - Primark; Ring (even though it's not very visible) - New Look; Dolly shoes - Tesco; Earrings - New Look. 

It was quite windy so my scarf kept flapping about :( and the collar of the top went funny in two of the pictures :/ Anyhoo. I chose to wear a very loose top because the jeans are the skinny ones, otherwise my butt would have been on display :| This is generally how I wear my jeans, with loose tops, because then you get the best of both worlds (looking fashionable and it's somewhat modest) - without looking frumpy! Decided to keep it casual this morning as I was just going to los biblioteca :-) 

P.S. I had to wear a vest underneath the top because they tend to be see through!
P.S.S. One thing I find hard (kind of annoying) about wearing things like jeans, when you're full figured, is that it makes me look a lot less modest and draws unnecessary attention. So yeah, I've got to wear a loose top in order to make it fairly modest and even then it sometimes doesn't seem so! *sigh*

Love, MT

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