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Nice weather todayyyyy


The weather today looks great yoooooooo! Plus I don't have exams anymore so I'm feeling gooooooooddd :D

Today I went for a vest with a meshy cardigan thing over it for coverage of le arms because it’s quite hot outside. But if you want more coverage you can wear any cardigan with it yo! Urm, the vest top is a men’s one lol, it’s my brother’s. The pictures are kinda rubbish because I had to get my friend (WHO CAN'T TAKE PICTURES) to take them and yeah, it wasn't great ¬_¬ lol. Btw, the skirt has a slit at the back but I didn't get a back picture of it! Oh and, I had to wear a bandeau under the vest in order to get chest coverage.  

Meshy cardigan - Matalan; Vest - Primark (I think); Headscarf - Brother's wife bought me it, idk; Ring - New Look; Dolly shoes - Tesco; Earrings - New Look (I think); Skirt - New Look (Tall Range)

Seeing as I was just going to the library, the outfit is very much casual but I guess one could 'dress it up' by changing the top to a chiffon one and pairing it with some heels/wedges. Oh and one thing I've noticed about slit skirts is that the slits tend to be very high so I had to sew mine to make the slit shorter. You know what they say, your skirt is only as long as the slit! So yeah, in order to make it look somewhat modest, I made it shorter. 

Love, MT

(Feel free to comment ideas about things I could post about. I don't want to make my blog just about outfits lol. So yeah, suggestions would be very much appreciated!)

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