4th July!


Hi guys! So it was my birthday yesterdaaayyy! Alhamdulillah for the life I've been given and yeah, I'm now 18! :D Grateful for all the love I was shown yesterday aha, it was amazing!

So yeah, I wore one of the dresses from my haul yesterday and here is the outfit. There's only two pics btw because I was SO caught up yesterday lol, I forgot to take pictures which is hilarious because I'm usually a pictaker for everythinngg!

The dress as established was from New Look and the chiffon top was from Primark a while back! As you may have noticed I looove the above scarf and I wear it so much aha - and coincidentally it tends to be with outfits I wanna post here!

Right, I don't have time to write a whole lot because I'm still packing for my trip to Nigeria and the flight is today! Hopefully I can do a few posts whilst I'm out there but I'm not sure tbh. I deffo wanna do an OOTD with a certain dress that I loooovvvveeee which I bought recently! Inshallah, I get time to do posts!

Love, MT

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