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Mini shopping haul


I know I haven't posted in over week but I've been so busy!! I've been preparing for my trip to Nigeria and also it's my birthday on Thursday! Besides, I've tried seeing as many of my friends as I could in the last few weeks cause I won't be here for two months aha! However, I'll be back on my blogging mojo asap, inshallah! 

So yeah, today I took a trip to town today and bought a few things to take to Nigeria :)))) Here are some of the things I purchased...

Left to right: Cameo Rose Abstract Print Maxi Dress - New Look; Monochrome Striped Dress and Grey Dress (both maxi) - Primark; Black Cardigan - Primark

Left to right: Aapri Apricot Exfoliating Scrub - Bodycare; Sleek foundation and MUA cherry lipstick - Superdrug; Eyeliner Pen - Primark 

Love these dresses that I got, particularly the New Look one which was just £6 - a bargain! I look forward to uploading the outfits I create with the aforementioned dresses! These dresses can be worn casually or dressy which is a super bonus aha because they can double up ^_^ But yeah, more posts coming soon when I'm not as busy! Oh and can I just say, the apricot face scrub is really good and I highly recommend it to anyone interested!

Oh and I treated myself to some American goodies from Tesco! 

Thanks for reading! 

Love, MT

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