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Chunky Boots!


I keep purchasing boots, I actually can't help myself! Today I wore these lace up boots which I bought from New Look in the sale, and it was an absolute bargain - in my eyes, they were basically free, £8!! (Click here for website link). 

So, today I went for an outfit that wouldn't have seemed dressy if I had worn flats - which basically seems to be the story of my life cause I actually don't particularly like wearing flats. Seeing as this was the first time I wore these shoes, I really expected my feet to kill but I basically spent the majority of my day on my feet and they were super comfortable; so big kudos to New Look today for that. 

Turtle neck - Present so I have no idea, sorry | Jeggings and Boots - New Look | Jacket - H&M | Scarf - Primark 

Something that I should note is that this jacket is a light one, so yeah I wouldn't advice wearing it when the weather is chilly - I learnt my lesson today! Also, the boots look higher than they actually are, which I'm unsure why because the black ones look much lower. Another noteworthy point is that these jeggings from NewLook are actually a staple wardrobe item! Because I'm fuller figured, buying pants that fit properly is actually a nightmare - even with these I still have to wear a belt but the fit is incomparable to other jeans/jeggings I've ever bought. In fact, I own multiple pairs of these in different colours and lenghts, aha! They go with literally everything, so if you're looking for pants that fit comfortably I'd definitely advise you purchase these. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. As usual, all suggestions are welcome guys :D Do share/comment/like too! 

Love, MT

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  1. Love these boots, especially the chunky heels on it! I can't walk in anything else haha. x



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