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I'm lovin'...


Apologies for having a late post but alhamdulillah, I've been blessed with a beaaaautiful niece! So yeah, I'm going to do two posts today to make up for the lag in posts. Doing an I'm lovin now and an OOTD in my next post which should be above this :D

Sooooo yeah, 

Right now I'm LOVVVVIIINNNNNN maxi shirts and split side tops. Below, I'm going to post a few I've found and where from too. The thing that makes both styles attractive to me is that I can wear them casually with trainers or I can wear them with heels. Nothing beats being able to dress an outfit up or down, in my opinion! And, most of the outfits I wear tend to be able to be dressed up or down based on footwear/jacket. 

  • Split side tops

I feel like these tops are going to be perfect for summer because they're nice and breezy lol, they give me a summer feel! The funny thing is, when I first bought a split side top, it was from China on eBay and everyone was telling me I was crazy and that there were rubbish but now I'm seeing them in River Island! I WAS THE FUTUREEEE ;-) But yeah, these tops can be paired with heels or boots or even trainers. I'm currently going through a boot phase so I tend to pair mine with chunky cleated boots and a leather jacket! I'll try and do an outfit post with both split side tops and maxi shirts some point next week - inshallah. Also, these tops can be purchased from New Look, River Island, Topshop and Asos. 

  • Maxi shirts

I cannot get enough of maxi shirts! They are soooooo comfortable. However, I find it looks somewhat questionable when I pair them with trainers (like air maxes) so I tend to wear them when I'm going for a more dressy look tbh. I can't wait to purchase more because I think I will be rocking them a lot this spring/summer. These tops can be worn with jeans or leggings, or for those who want more coverage could pair them with a maxi tube skirt. I like the versatility that these tops afford because I can wear them with pumps or nice heeled sandals! However, an addition I'd have to make is wearing a belt with these because if I didn't, I'd look v. frumpy :( 

Hope you enjoyed this post, albeit it was a very brief one! Feel free to share any ideas or thoughts, they're all welcome :D

What items are you lovin' right now? Share them with me!

Love, MT

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