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Boohoo Wishlist


Right, currently the roads are cold in regards to funds sooooo I'm doing a wishlist! Hopefully, I'm able to purchase a few of these in the near future lol - hurry up SFE ¬_¬. 

Okay, I'm usually quite sceptical about buying clothes from online retailers because it's not like they have shops whereby one could try on their clothes to work out sizing. Also, I really don't believe in online sizing guides lol, they're never right. However, I've seen some nice items which make me want to take the plunge. The biggest put off of ordering online is just the fact of having to return the goods and wait aaaaaaagggeeesss to get your money/replacements back unlike shops whereby you can sort it there and then. 

These skirts and the dress I think would be good staples for my summer wardrobe! Esp the middle skirt as I can wear that all dressed up or casual with a  nice top and sandals. Buuuuuuutttt, a fear I have when purchasing dresses/skirts from non-tall section is that they tend to come up short and then I'm left with ankle swingers. So if I do decide to purchase any of these, I'd get one first so as to make sure the length is okay. Also, I'm a big fan of the black dress because I need not wear a jacket over it as it gives me all the coverage I'd like from it's longer sleeves to the pleated bottom half. Whereas, with the skirts I may still have to find looser tops so as to make the outfit not look somewhat risque...lol. 

I was pretty surprised to find tops that I liked this much on Boohoo, cause usually I find that the clothes on there don't tend to be me. I loooooove the checked maxi shirt because I can actually see myself wearing that regularrlllyyyyyyyyy. I am also a big fan of the white shirt, however an issue I know I'd find is that it's sheer which could problematic lol - I'd have to wear a vest underneath it, otherwise all the goods will just be on display. I like how the shirt is dressed on the model because that's definitely a way in which I would wear it. The middle top is one that I've added to the wishlist but I'm on the fence about it. That's because of how high the dip is, and that the sleeves are non-existent which means that wearing them when the weather is hot might be a bit of a myth cause I'd have to wear a jacket or cardigan. But, I think overall it would be a nice top to wear to a casual occassion. I don't think I'd wear it the same the way the model is though and this is down to the leather-look pants. I wasn't built for leather or wet look pants, but I think that's cause of my size/figure cause I think they look fantastic on slimmer ladies. 

I have a DEEEEEEEEEP love for fur coats lol. And with these, the middle coat is just too beaut and I think I'm actually going to buy it. Fur coats just make any outfit look better. I love them way too much. However, wearing fur casually is literally impossible. Once it's worn, your outfit goes to dressed up reeeeal quick! I own a cream fur coat, which I think may feature in my next outfit post. Lately, I've been finding lots of coats that I really like but cause of the time of the year, it would be so pointless for me to purchase them cause the weather will soon be hot enough that I won't need them. Saying that though, this is Britain and this country is incredibly fond of apocalyptic weather so the coats might actually be a good investment for unpredictable weather!

So this is my current Boohoo wishlist and my top top top picks are the rainbow fur coat and the white longline shirt. These are definitely getting purchased, definitely!

What items from my wishlist did you like and which items do you think I could have added?

Love, MT

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