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Sooooooo, I've basically just spent the last few hours revamping my blog - IT TOOK AGES! But I'm really liking the new theme so I can't complain. 

Here with a colorful post as the weather is getting better! Loooooooooove this dashiki so much - out of the three I own, this is definitely my favourite. 

In the evening, as the weather felt chilly I decided to wear a fur coat over it in order to keep me warm. And I think the outfit looks better with a fur coat - but that could just be down to how much I love fur coats! 

Scarf - Store TwentyOne | Dashiki - Nigeria | Fur coat x Leather jacker - Primark | Jeggings - New Look | Boots - New Look

Love, MT

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  1. Hey,loving the Dashiki girl,doing an African style/print clothes haul is on my to do list,do you know any good UK based stores that sell them? xx

    1. Thank you! Urm, not that I'm aware of as I got mine from Nigeria. However, you could have a look on eBay and see if you find anything xx

    2. Oh okay ,yeah most people go direct to Africa to get it :) no worries xx



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