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A couple days ago, I went to a Mend conference in Birmingham (click here for link) which was focusing mainly on issues within the Muslim community alongside our political participation. As an Economics and Politics undergrad, you can understand why I had a whale of a time. It was an interesting experience for me as I seldom go to such talks, but really and truly I felt motivated by the speakers - particularly Sheikh Yasir Qadir!

But yeah, I will begin ranting if I don't stop there. I really liked the outfit I wore so I'm doing an outfit post for it. It was a pretty simple outfit, but in all honesty wasn't something that I'd think to wear often; however, after wearing it I have every intention of purchasing more clothing that is similar as I really enjoyed the comfort it provided! 

Scarf; Nigeria (but its a regular pashmina that can be bought anywhere) | Abaya/Dress; Morrocco (Again, can be purchased from any Islamic store) | Long sleeve top & Leggings & Leather Jacket - Primark | Cut out boots; New Look

I went for this abaya because it's light but quite loose which would keep me very comfortable, which I can confirm it did exactly that! The only drawback is that if the weather was super hot, wearing the leggings and top underneath would have been uncomfortable. I chose to wear chunky boots because it gave it a more feminine look, besides the fact that I'm on the bigger side and wearing flats could have made me look frumpy. The boots, which I purchased from New Look a while back are soooooo comfortable! I was wearing them from 11 till about 8 and didn't feel an ounce of discomfort. Most would deem that surprising for how high they are but again, kudos to New Look! I wasn't sure what the weather would be like, so I went for a leather jacket which can I just say are decepticons! They look like they would keep you warm if it was cold but they actually don't ¬_¬

Hope you enjoyed the post! Feel free to suggest ideas of posts I could do. Don't forget to share/comment/like :-)

Love, MT

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