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So today I went for some colour - albeit it was with a lot of black, but still there's bright colours! Initially, when I thought of wearing this skirt, I had no idea how to wear it because of the double splits however I had a eureka! moment last minute and realised that adding leggings would make it look how I want. I went for silver jewellery today, because I thought that it would "pop" more against all the black I'm wearing, aha. Decided to pair this outfit with some pastel blue sandal'y heels I got from New Look a while ago because I felt like black footwear would have further darkened my look when this weather is so lovely! I really like this skirt I'm wearing, it's one I've had for aaaaages but barely ever wore because the slits could make life frustrating lol - but now that I've worn it with leggings and enjoyed it, I'll definitely be doing that again! It's such a comfortable skirt, nice and breezy which works very well with the weather atm. 

Skirt - I don't actually remember, it was a couple years ago | Black shirt x leggings - Primark | Scarf - Saudi (But can be bought at a lot of shops here - even eBay sell similar) | Shoes - New Look | Earrings - New Look | Necklace - Primark

 Oh, and though I didn't expect the weather to change much, I took my leather jacket out with me incase it did. However, I didn't get to take pictures in it - would have been waaaaay too warm in my room! D: Also, apologies for going back to bedroom pictures, I'm back at uni so the best way for me to take the pictures is with le timer and le iPad - younger brother isn't here to pose as my photographer! 

Hope you've enjoyed this post, thank you for reading! My next post, hopefully, should be an ELF haul as I've just ordered some items - if it ever gets to me! 

Love, MT 

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