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Body Jewellery Shop Review + OOTD


Hello hi! Today I am going to be doing a review on the ear piercing jewellery sent to me by The Body Jewellery Shop as well as an OOTD post - going to try not to make it lengthy! 

I shall start with the review:

Apologies for the somewhat inadequate quality of the pictures, there are links available below to access the website so as to get a better image of what the goods look like. 

So as an avid lover of piercings, you can understand the sheer excitement that coursed through me as I got the opportunity to receive the jewellery. I had a Helix Stirrup Barbell and a Zircon Gold Segment Ring delivered; and I just couldn't wait to put them on! One of the best things about The Body Jewellery Shop is that their website provide jewellery for all types of piercings which makes it the perfect place to satisfy your piercing needs; besides, there is also a help and advice section that makes it easier to decide which product you'd want to purchase. What's more is that The Body Jewellery Shop prices are super affordable, meaning that I'd definitely be buying more jewellery from them in the near future! 

Both pieces of the jewellery were delivered in a padded envelope and were in a seal proof bag which I guess was in place in order to protect the jewellery from being damaged. In regards to the Helix Stirrup Barbell (the first image), it is one that I reeeeeaally love and I had been looking to purchase for some time now. I like how it can be worn in most ear piercings - though I wouldn't advise one to wear it in the tragus or lobes. I personally couldn't put it on myself so I had to get my friend to assist me because getting the barbell proved difficult - this should be a deterrent though because it is still a great piece of jewellery that I felt added to my look today. Also, I have zero intentions of taking it out any time soon! I particularly like how quirky the earring looks and I really appreciate The Body Jewellery Shop for providing such unique pieces; I look forward to adding to my collection. 

Lastly, I wasn't able to take any pictures wearing the segment ring because once I opened it up, I literally couldn't put it back together and it took me so long trying without success. I can't wait till I finally figure out how to put it back together because I really want to wear it!! I can be so impatient sometimes but inshallah when I get it right it will be featured in a future post! 

Do you have any piercings? Or what piercings are you thinking of getting? I would love to hear from you! 


Scarf  - Saudi (but its pashmina and can be found easily here) | Split side top, jeggings and boots - New Look | Leather jacket - Primark 

Today, I went for an all black look which seems to be what I've been wearing lately. Split side tops are the current loves of my life and I was jumping with excitement when my friend bought me this one. This split side top is a sleeveless one, and it is also ribbed and suuuuuper comfortable! I totally enjoyed wearing it today. Seeing as I was wearing all black, I decided to make my makeup a bit darker too by wearing the dark purple lipstick. I was feeling all grungy chic! 

Hope you enjoyed this post guys! 

Love, MT 

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