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E.L.F Review/Haul


Hello hi. So I saw that E.L.F were doing some crazy sale where "everything" was £1 or less. Though everything doesn't always mean everything. A lot of their usual goods weren't actually available - but I don't know if it was down to the time at which I got to the website and it was out of stock or whether those items were just removed and not part of the "£1 or less" deal. Also, I need to mention that this post is very picture heavy. I've also included a look I created with some of the products purchased, which is at the bottom of this post.

But yeah, I bought all these items in this post for a total of £8.65 - including delivery. WHAT A BARGAAAAIIINNNN. Overall, I'm quite happy with the products except from the 'custom lip' which I thought was very rubbish. However, the pigmented purple foundation was absolutely fantastic, loooovvveeeee it!

Okay so this is the first time I've ever even used cream blush. Was a bit unsure of how to go about using it but what I've done is use my finger to put a bit on my cheeks then blend it properly with a brush - which has worked fine thus far. It's quite a pigmented blush and a little goes a long way! Happy with this as the packaging isn't one that's small so this should last me a long time. 

This concealer right here is my favourite product from this haul! LOVE this concealer so much. I never realised just how great concealer pencils are. Usually just thought that they wouldn't be able to do the job properly. However, this pencil proved to be the contrary. It's coverage is pretty good too. But I mainly use it for my eyebrows and now there's definitely no looking back! 

This concealer came out much darker than I anticipated cause I was just planning on using it to set my highlight but seeing as it's darker I use it to either contour or to set my contour if I use a cream concealer. It's got a reddish tint to it, so you don't necessarily need to wear blush when it's worn. 

I haven't used this eyeshadow yet but from the swatch it's not as pigmented as I'd like. However, I believe with the use of a primer it would come out a bit darker. I look forward to using it! It glides on so smoothly!

Again, I got this foundation in a deep colour expecting it to be a bit lighter but it's too dark so similar to the concealer I use it to contour/set. It's in a loose powder form, like the concealer too which is great cause a little of it actually goes a long way! 

This colour was an interesting one because I don't tend to wear bright eyeshadow frequently but cause it's matte I thought I'd give it a go. It's in loose powder form which I hadn't ever previously used as an eyeshadow but I'm willing to give it a go! Especially cause of how cheap it was! It's pigmentation requires a lot of building up otherwise it would come out quite light, so one would need to wear quite a bit of it so the colour comes out really nice.

First time purchasing tinted moisturiser and I'm so happy I did! These were £0.70 each - SO CHEAP :| The espresso colour was dark for my skin but the mocha was a closer match. It's great for when you don't really feel like wearing much makeup but don't really want your face looking bare. I quite like this tinted moisturiser and it's a purchase I'd definitely make again. Also, it's coverage is quite good because I used it instead of foundation in the look below and it did the job sufficiently. Lastly, this tinted moisturiser doesn't actually make your skin shiny/oily after a while which is fantastic!

So this berry lips was v rubbish and I'm not a fan AT ALL. I used it in the picture below and in all honesty I wouldn't purchase it again. It's not really pigmented and it's appears to be more of a gloss. I'm really not a fan. But I guess if one wasn't looking to have really coloured lips it could be used like a balm. 

LOOOOOOVE this eyeshadow! It's SO purple! Super pigmented and I used in the look I created below. A little goes a long way and I didn't need to put on lots to build the colour. It also comes with a brush, which I didn't really need but it could come into good use later. The eyeshadow is in loose form, which was new but I think I like it!

When doing my makeup, I used some of the products to try them out and I think I like the look created. The products used are: passionate purple eyeshadow, berry lips(over a nude lipstick), concealer pencil, loose concealer, cream blush and the tinted moisturiser. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Which products did you like? I went out of my comfort zone a bit with the beauty post. Hopefully there'll be more of them! Also, as always all suggestions and criticisms are welcome!

Love, MT 

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