Monochromatic Burgundy.


Hi all! Hope you're having a fantastic day as you're reading this! One thing I'd like to note is that for the next month or so my posts won't be as frequent as they were last month. This is down to the exam season and hopefully after exams I'll be back posting frequently! 

Blazer - Gift | Pink dress - Boohoo | Leggings - Primark | Boots - New Look | Scarf - Mum

So I tried something new today in regards to the dress. I've had it for a long time and never knew how I'd wear it but another eureka! moment struck. I realised that by wearing a long jacket and leggings, it would look how I wanted it to. Decided to wear these boots with the outfit because it matched the scarf and the hues also went with the dress. The blazer/kimono is one I got as a present and I looooovvveee it! Constantly thinking of outfits to wear with it. It's one that works well for me because it's long enough to cover my bum and doesn't quite make me look frumpy. In regards to this outfit in particular, the looseness of the blazer works v well because the dress is quite a fitted one - save for the layered top though. Besides, blazers are great for making any outfit look chic in an instant. Oh and this scarf is literally the best scarf ever. It's HUGE so works fantastically when tied as a turban. I prefer it so much more to the regular maxi scarves because sometimes it's hard to build the volume I'd like using a maxi scarf. Just realised I'm wearing these boots again, but I love them so much and they're basically my go to shoes for most outfits to be honest. 

Also, my last post - being a beauty one - got quite good response so I think I'm going to try them more often when exams are over, inshallah!

Love, MT 

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