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Fashion Lessons I Wish I Knew


Right so today I'm a bit of a different post with fashion lessons I wish I knew a few years ago. Seeing as fashion and style are somewhat fluid in the sense that your tastes are constantly changing but I feel we generally tend to have certain things we gravitate towards naturally. As such there is a base level to which we build on and use to make trends our own!

So yeah, here are a few things I wish I was aware of earlier when finding what works for me:


Structure your look

Structuring your look is important because you have to build solid foundations otherwise you’re looking to build a metaphorical house that’s bound to collapse. I feel a basic items in one’s wardrobe – particularly in black, or neutral colours – makes for a good wardrobe. This is because, it’s easier for one to put things together because there aren’t too many outlandish pieces in bright colours that are hard to match with anything. Like, at one point in my life I used to shop without thinking of what I have in my wardrobe that would go with whatever item; that’s how I ended up with clothes in crazy colours that don’t go with much which meant that you’d basically have to wear set outfits all the time. What makes up a good base, imo is black jeans, vests, and simple tops. That way you can just easily throw on outfits, or mix and match whenever you please. Having a good basic structure in your wardrobe afforded by a solid foundation of basics makes a massive difference to your style! You want a remixable and versatile wardrobe!

Embrace your body type

I cannot, repeat cannot, stress the importance of dressing for your body type. To put it candidly, just because something is sold in your size doesn’t mean its right for you! Honestly, your body type is number one priority when it comes to buying clothes otherwise, your clothes will end up looking ill fitted and not well put together. I don’t believe there’s such thing as it being impossible to dress according to your body type because there are clothes out there for everyone! And if worse comes to worse then you can actually get a tailor to amend the clothing for you. For instance, when I buy jeans – due to my waist being significantly smaller than my hips – I tend to find myself having to use the sewing machine to cinch the waists. Finding out your body shape makes picking outfits easier because then you know what suits your body; whether you’re pear shaped, apple shaped, an hourglass etc. Like, I’m pear shaped so I know to wear things that will elongate my figure so I don’t look as bottom heavy or frumpy. So yeah, find out your body shape and work it!

Accessories, accessories, accessories! These can make or break your look to be honest. I love accessories, be it: rings, earrings, necklaces, belts etc. There are tooooo many reasons why accessorising is vital to be honest. When I go out without wearing earrings, I actually spend my whole day in despair at my lack of earrings! It’s that deep. Really and truly, my realisation of the need of accessorising changed my life – yes, I have a flair for the dramatic. Aside from standing out and not looking like someone who’s just acceptably dressed you’ll also be saving money on clothes! Who doesn’t like saving money?! It’s what you accessorise with that really changes up how you look. For instance, having one dress that you are able to accessorise in about four different ways – be it shoes or a belt or jewellery – is more or less equivalent to having four different dresses; that’s how important accessories are! As such, you’re saving money on standalone outfits and glamming up your flexible basics. Besides, with accessories rarely will you feel like you have nothing to wear because an outfit can go from basic to chic by simply accessorising so accessorise, dammit!

Find your signature style
This is basically a combination of my earlier points. If you know something works on you then go with it! The key to making sure this is carried out right is basically being aware of what you like and what you actually great in then finding a balance! For instance, if orange looks great with your skin tone then YOU ROCK THAT ORANGE LIKE NO ONE ELSE CAN. Of course this isn’t to say that you must wear orange every day, it’s just an example; but I would advise that you have a staple collection of items that look fantastic on you. Personally, I feel skirts and dresses look better on me so I tend to wear them more often than I’d wear jeans. I still wear jeans but it’s likely to be with a long/dress type top. So yeah, the main advice here is find what works on you and adapt it to the situations you find yourself dressing for.

Do you have any other fashion lessons you may have learnt? I'd like to hear them, I'm always willing to learn new tips!

Love, MT 

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  1. Interesting post


  2. Interesting post


    1. Agree with you, Mardiyyah on every single word! I used to shop without thinking too but I've finally learnt to invest in great basic pieces and accessoiries. Further I believe that's very important to find out who you're, physically and mentally so your style can reflect your personality. Fabulous and very intersting post, I wish I've read it 10 years ago... ;DD Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, Mardiyyah! Very nice of you!

      xxx Ira

    2. Thank you! I definitely wish I knew some of these things years back LOL, would have saved me from so many disastrous outfit choices! xx

  3. These are very useful tips, what I think is most important is the fact that you always have to be true to your style

    Natalia | Lindifique

  4. Great post dear!!

    International Giveaway on my blog!!

    1. Thank you and I'll definitely check out the giveaway x

  5. Nice post and tips :)

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    - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8FHHl3dT3g
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  6. Really nice tips, thanks for sharing! X Minale

  7. Very useful post! Thanks for sharing:)
    Sara xx




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