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The Mac


Hi! First of all, I'd like to apologise for the quality of these pictures; but these were the most salvageable ones! But yeah, this is the outfit I wore on Saturday (which happened to be my birthday too!). This is mac is one that I am soooooo in love with! I bought it a couple months ago but it's one I rarely wear because I don't want it to end up seeing it as 'old' or 'everyday wear'. However, that isn't to say that this isn't a versatile jacket in the sense that it can be worn dressed up to a dinner/outing but can also be thrown on as a calm everyday jacket. I consider it a statement piece though, as I feel it can complete the look of any outfit! It's one that can make the outfit go from 'running errands' to 'okay I have arrived'! Seeing as it is a khaki colour, it's best worn with neutral colours. I didn't want to overpower the jacket so I stuck with a cream top and white jeans then the black scarf and chunky heels to bring it all together. This is an outfit I really enjoyed wearing, though a change I would make is to have worn an actual white top so as to avoid the disparity in top x jean colour! I went with a hijab as opposed to turban to make the outfit look a bit dressier as well. 

Jeggings, Mac, Blouse - New Look | Chunky Heels - Office | Scarf - Regular pashmina

Topic of note: I'm aware that my posts are currently infrequent and in all honesty it's not because I'm super busy, but moreso because it's Ramadan and I'm lacking in the energy necessary! However, in a couple of weeks I should be back to frequent posts! I will try and schedule posts to be about twice a week but I can't make promises with that, though there should be at least one post a week! Also, would appreciate you all sharing my blog :D 

Thank you for reading, hope it was somewhat enjoyable! All suggestions and ideas for posts are warmly welcomed! Feel free to direct any enquiries to any of my social media outlets (which are linked below) or email me at mardeestyles@gmail.com

Love, MT 

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