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Kiko Haul/Review



I know this post has been due for like a week but I've been so busy; juggling a full time job and revising for an exam. But at last, the exam is done so revision is not longer going to get in the way. 

Today I come with a post of the goods I bought from the Kiko sale online. I bought 12 items and it all came down to around £27 - B A R G A I N. 

Left to Right: 03 (Hibiscus Red) | 13 (Cocoa), 12 (Burgundy) | 04 (Pearly Tangerine) | 11 (Pearly Orchid)

These Unlimited Stylo lipsticks are amaaaazzzzinnnggggg - save for Pearly Tangerine which isn't awful but it's not that pigmented so I've been using it as a top colour. The colours of the rest are so pigmented though and they last aaaagggeeesss. My favourite one is Cocoa because of the way the nude is, it works aloone or ontop of any other colour and it has become my go to colour tbh. Even the packaging of the lipsticks are super cute, and at £3.40 what's there not to love?! My favourite thing about these lipsticks is the fact that they're matte but they don't dry out my lips and they last on such a long time, I don't find myself having to constantly top up; even after eating they don't really smudge per se. The creaminess of the lipsticks definitely make the staying time longer at around 6 hours which is pretty good even if I do say so myself. Considering how good they are, I'm still in shock at how cheap they were in the sale. Even full price they're not bad at £6.90 a pop which makes them a great rival for high end brands.

Left to right: 709 (Magenta) | 711 (Light Plum) | 710 (Rouge Noir) | 715 ( Periwinkle Violet) | 703 (Rosewood)

I bought these Smart Lip Pencil for £1.20 each I think; saving £1.30 on the original price. As you can see form the swatches these are pretty pigmented and as a result I've found myself wearing just the lip liners on their own! They're such a nice texture, literally gliding so smoothly onto the lips which are factors that scream 'buy me'. I went for colours that could generally be worn everyday, making them go to items in my makeup collection! I'm incredibly pleased with these liners and I can't wait to purchase more. 

This is the Lasting Gel Eyeliner and honestly is actually one of the best gel eyeliners I've ever come across; and it only cost me £4.40. It's so pigmented and it doesn't smudge. Before buying it I was apprehensive because I'd read that the consistency wasn't uniform with usual gel liners but upon receiving it I was pleasantly surprised! The drying time is super quick, so it's best to not delay application otherwise. One thing I would note is that removal of this eyeliner isn't the easiest of things but since I bought Garnier's Micellar cleansing water I've had not issues removing it. Best thing about this liner is how good it looks with eyeshadow, it makes such a great difference!

First off, I absolutely love the packaging of the Unforgettable Mascara; just looks so cute. This mascara definitely lives up to it's promises, as it is easy to apply and doesn't really leave clumps either. After using it, my lashes look so much longer and it also leaves them looking more curly too. It also doesn't feel heavy on my lashes at aaaall, which makes it perfect for when I use fibers. Coming in at £2.90, I would deeeeeefinitely recommend buying this mascara.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review; do you have any of these products? What do you think of them? Also, are there any Kiko products you'd suggest I add to my collection? 

Love, MT

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  1. I've never tried Kiko before but I heard they are fantastic! I'd love to try their lipsticks and eyeliners! Yes please! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

    1. This was my first time trying them and I was honestly thoroughly impressed! You definitely should; especially when they're on sale you'd save so much whilst looking fabulous!





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