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My Chocobelle Box


 Hi guys! Today I'm sharing info on MyChocobelleBox; a company that's due to launch in the next couple of days (10th to be precise), and I'm quite excited to see them take off! I feel like their products will be of interest to many of my readers, hence why I'm sharing it. Also, they will be providing a 15% dicsount code that will be available to my readers when they are fully launched; exciting times!

Their details are available above in case you have questions that haven't been answered by this press release. Also, I'm looking to order a box so upon my return from Nigeria I'll be able to do a review of the box! I've hyperlinked their name to their website so you can all view it when the website is officially launched. They also have a twitter account so you can keep up with them easier: @MyChocoBelleBox

Love, MT

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